30 Desserts That Start With The Letter E

by Gina Elizabeth | Last Updated: June 6, 2021

Here is a list of desserts that start with the letter E. When the sweet tooth comes a-knockin’, dish up one these luscious dessert options.

Sometimes you just gotta eat your feelings.

1. Eclairs

Foods that start with A to Z - Eclairs

A French dessert pastry with a chocolate topping and filled with fresh cream, eclaires are very common in America and Europe. So good you don’t miss the donuts!

2. Eccles Cake

An Eccles cake is a small, round pie stuffed with dried fruits, currants or candied fruit peel. It’s made from a flaky pastry with butter, similar to a turnover. And sometimes topped with demerara sugar. Yum!

3. Egg Custard

This dessert is based on sweetened milk, cheese, or cream cooked with egg or egg yolk to thicken it, and sometimes also flour, corn starch, or gelatin. It can be baked on its own or in a pie crust

4. Earl Grey Cookies

Bet you can’t eat just one. These cookies that have earl grey tea leaves stirred into the batter. Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies are accented with aromatic Early Grey for a perfect sweet treat.

5. Edy’s Pie

This dessert was formerly known as Eskimo Pie. It’s a simple dessert made with vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate coating.

6. Easter Chocolate Eggs

A modern custom is to substitute chocolate eggs wrapped in colored foil. Hardboiled chicken eggs can also be hard-boiled, painted in various colors and hidden around the garden, for children to search for them during an Easter egg hunt.

7. Eggo Waffles

Sliding into your morning like a champ. Eggo Waffles are a popular toaster oven breakfast treat. They are typically topped with syrup and butter, similar to pancakes.

8. English Pudding

English pudding is a type of pudding traditionally served as part of the Christmas dinner in Britain, Ireland and in other countries where it has been brought by British and Irish immigrants.

9. Elephant Ears

A popular, Canadian dessert snack that gets its name from the shape the dough takes once deep-fried – looking very similar to an elephant ear! It’s a yeast dough that is deep-fried until golden and crisp, but still soft on the inside, and sprinkled with some powdered sugar.

10. Eli’s Cheesecake

Eli’s is a cheesecake company based in Chicago. Their cheesecake is made of cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla in a butter shortbread cookie crust.

11. English Butter Toffee

A buttery toffee candy with multiple kinds of sugar and chocolate. Traditional English toffee is created without nuts, while American toffee is created with a variety of nuts.

12. Egg Tart

Egg tarts are a Cantonese dessert which are derived from the English custard tart and Portuguese pastel de nata. These tarts consist of an outer pastry crust, which is filled with a creamy egg custard. These are often served at dim sum restaurants, or they can be made at home.

13. Edinburg Rock

This traditional Scottish confection is made of sugar, water, cream of tartar, colorings and flavorings. It is formed into sticks, and has a soft and crumbly texture.

14. Eierschecke

A layer cake with a base layer of cake, a middle layer of quark cheesecake and a top layer of vanilla custard. Parts of it are covered with a glaze made of cream, whole egg, sugar and flour for thickening.

15. Entenmann’s Pound Cake

So addictive. Entenmann’s is an American company that produces baked goods throughout the United States to supermarkets and other retailers.

16. Entremet

Entremets in French cuisine historically referred to small dishes served between courses but in modern times more commonly refers to a type of dessert. 

17. Esterházy Torte

Esterházy torta is a Hungarian cake named after Prince Paul III Anton Esterházy de Galántha.

18. Eton Mess

Eton mess is a traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, meringue, and whipped cream.

19. English Trifle

A layered dessert featuring layers of yellow cake, cream, fresh fruit, and jam.

20. Empanadilla

Empanadas are a thin dough that are filled with sweet or savory fillings. Like the Portuguese pastry, they can be baked in the oven or fried.

21. Energy Bar

For on the go! Energy bars are supplemental bars containing cereals and other high energy foods targeted at people who require energy but don’t have time for a breakfast meal.

22. Erdbeerkuchen

A German strawberry pie that can be found during the Spring and Summer at every bakery and restaurant. Ja!

23. Eddy Edibles

Eddy Edibles are a brand of candies that include gummies and swirled lollipops.

24. Eggplant Cake

This soft and moist eggplant cake is filled and frosted in rich and creamy chocolate fudge frosting and decorated with a banner. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS!

25. Elderberry Pie

Some parts of the elderberry bush are poisonous and should not be eaten, but other parts, when harvested and prepared correctly, are completely safe to eat.

26. Ensalada de Frutas

Spanish for “fruit salad” this dessert dish consists of fruit, either their own juices or a syrup.

27. Elegant Cake

Elegant cakes are sophisticated and regal cakes usually served at wedding receptions.

28. Eves Pudding

Eve’s pudding, also known as Mother Eve’s pudding, is a type of traditional British pudding made from apples baked under a Victoria sponge cake mixture.

29. Ensaïmada

A pastry product from Spain. The flavor is a balance of sweet, salty, and fat (from the butter, eggs, and lard).

30. Earl Grey Ice Cream

Earl Grey ice cream is a dessert with a unique flavor. This taste comes from bergamot oil, which has a slight citrus flavor.