11 Foods that Start with G

by Gina Elizabeth | Last Updated: June 27, 2021

Here are 11 foods that start with the letter G:


Garambulla is a delightful berry family fruit that is small and edible. This fruit originates in Western Mexico is known for its small but elongated shape. Garambulla grows on cactus is synonymous with its blue and purplish colour. They resemble breeds of grapes and berries like blueberries, raspberries, and others.


No doubt, Garlic doesn’t need an introduction to the world over. The garlic is much more than a condiment. It is loaded with many nutritional and health benefits. Garlic has a high nutritional value and contains very few calories. Twenty-eight grams contain 42 calories and a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese. However, this popular vegetable in Southern Europe is used for both seasoning and flavouring foods.


The gelatin is a colourless, translucent, brittle and tasteless gel. It is a complex protein, that is, a polymer made up of amino acids. However, Gelatin is used in the manufacture of foods for protein enrichment to reduce carbohydrates and as a carrier substance for vitamins.
Gelatin is thermoreversible – it will set into its original state whenever it gets cool.


The Gem is cup-shaped sweet bread popular across the United Kingdom and other European countries. The gem is essentially a flour mixture that is flowed into small hot tins and baked to rise. However, they rise themselves and do not need yeast to speed uprising.


They are roasted mutton legs with potatoes and other vegetables. As far as taste is concerned, they resemble lamb chops – bone-in meat chops, and considerably delicious in flavour. It can be cooked in barbecues in Pakistan and many other countries at a special event and family party.


It is a kind of flour bread which contains some sauce of Garlic and Ginger. Mostly, It is being eaten with junk foods, coffee, and tea. Moreover, it helps make your food tasty and provide a new flavour to the food-conscious worldwide.


Granita is a dessert similar to ice cream, but with a thicker and more crystalline texture, which takes sugar, water and fruit. Having originated in Italy, it is also found in other regions of Italy.


The Granada comes from the pomegranate tree and is native to tropical and subtropical areas. It has an oval shape, a little larger than an apple and a garnet colour. Its bark is thick, but we find the reddish seeds separated by membranous partitions when we open it. These seeds are a juicy, sweet and sour taste and very refreshing. The pomegranate is a fruit of the fall season.


Gressino, or grissino, are roasted and dried breadsticks found in America, Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia. The recipe comes from Turin and Italy, created centuries ago.


Guacamole is a typical Mexican food, served in a carvery with various dishes, accompanied by pico-de-gallo and sour cream. Its recipe is a seasoned avocado that works like a salad dressing.


Gugelhupf is a typical dessert in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France, known as Kouglof. In some recipes, the following ingredients are added: vanilla, lemon peels, raisins and almonds.