140 Foods that Start With O

by Gina Elizabeth | Last Updated: March 18, 2021

Many people think that there’re very few foods that start with O, but it’s not the case, there’re lots of healthy foods that begin with O. In this article, we will tell you about the list of tasty recipes and foods starting with letter O, which you can enjoy.

We’ve gathered a list of delicious recipes and foods that start with the letter O.

So, let’s get started.

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Dishes That Start With O

If you’re looking for delicious foods that start with letter O and you’re not finding any on the internet, then these dishes are for you. Here are some famous dishes that start with the letter O. Let’s have a look. 

1. Okra Beef Stew

This dish is made up of tomato paste, beef stock, a little bit of ginger and sugar – okra for this dish is cut into small pieces and then it’s stuffed in the stew.

2. Olive Oil Cake

Olive oil cake is the dish you would have never heard of, but it actually exists. It’s a cake that is made up of fresh cream, eggs and a bit of chocolate and olive oil on the top.

3. Olive Pitta Bread

Olive pitta bread is quite popular in the middle-east and its neighboring areas. You will find olive pitta bread in almost every home of Southeast Asia and the Middle east.

4. Olive Tempenade

Olive tempenade is actually originated from France and it is a mixture of grinded olives with little bit of live oil on the top.

5. Onion Burger

Onion burger is another dish that starts with the letter O. It’s a fast-food item that you must try. It is made up of lots of onions, beef patty, tomato sauce and mayonnaise. 

6. Onion rings

Another snack that starts with O is onion rings. You can enjoy this snack at evenings or you can make this when mom’s not at home.

7. Orange Jellies and Raspberry Salad

This is an amazing dish that can be served as salad or side dish to any regular meal. It’s extremely rich in flavors and is made up of a variety of jellies and raspberries.

8. Onion Tomato Capsicum Rice

Onion tomato capsicum rice is a simple, spicy, flavorful and tasty one-pot dish made with tomatoes, rice, capsicum, spices and herbs. You can make this style of rice in a pressure cooker or a pot.

9. Oven Baked Fries

French fries are eaten all over the world – you can easily make delicious crispy baked fries in the oven too. You can enjoy oven baked French fries with tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

International Dishes That Start With O

So, here we begin our list of delicious international foods from all over the world that start with the letter O.

10. Ovos moles de aveiro

It’s a classic food dish that belongs to Portuguese cuisine made with sugar & egg yolks. The yolks of eggs are carefully separated from the egg whites & is mixed with about half their weight in sugar.
The mixture of Ovos moles de aveiro is very creamy and smooth. The batter is then heated in a copper pan until the pan’s bottom is visible.

11. Oats and Sprouts Kebab

The oats and sprout kebab is quite famous in Asia and several parts of the Middle East. These kebabs are served with fresh vegetables and chili sauce.

12. Oca – Goose

This is a Spanish dish that starts with O. What makes this cuisine special is its unique flavour of Roast goose with apples. This is one of Spain’s signature dishes and is easily available in every Spanish restaurant.

13. Oeuf en meurette

It’s a French cuisine made up of pepper reduction sauce & poached eggs in red wine.

14. Ogbono Soup

It’s a delicious Nigerian cuisine cooked with fresh vegetables, seafood, ground ogbono seeds, palm oil, or meat. This soup is served in almost every restaurant in Nigeria.

15. Owofibo

It’s a popular Nigerian oil soup made with tomato blend and is mixed with skum & palm oil. This Nigerian soup has a bright orange color, but the method of preparing this food can vary in different regions. This soup is served with local friend dough or with sides of bread.

16. Ohitashi

This cuisine consists of leafy vegetables like spinach along with delicious soy sauce.

17. Okonomiyaki

It’s a mixture of tangy, savoury pancakes made up of fresh vegetables, meat and mayonnaise.

18. Okowa

It’s a classic Japanese cuisine cooked with glutinous rice. This dish is available in almost every Japanese restaurant.

19. Okroshka

It’s a vegetable (such as cucumbers, radishes & spring onions), and ham soup. This Russian dish contains boiled potatoes, eggs, cooked meat like veal, sausages, beef etc. This food is garnished with sour cream.

20. Olan

This cuisine belongs to Kerala, India and is made up of coconut, white gourd, milk, black-eyed peas, & coconut oil with a little bit of ginger.

21. Olive all’ascolana

This cuisine consists of stoned olives filled with beef, pork, chicken, eggs and a little bit of parmesan cheese. It’s one of the best and most-loved foods from Marche. This dish olive all’ascolana has got its name from the city of Ascoli Piceno. Olive ascolane is actually made from fine green olives, which are then stuffed with some sort of meat filling, and it’s then breaded and deep fried.

22. Ollie

It’s a French soup cooked with varieties of vegetables and meats. It’s one of the most loved French cuisine and is prepared mostly in the winter season.

23. Omurice

It’s a Japanese cuisine made up of omelette stuffed with white rice.

24. Onigiri

This cuisine is also called rice ball, o-musubi, and nigirimeshi. This Japanese cuisine is made up of white rice arranged into cylindrical shapes.

25. Onion Bhaji

It’s a Indian and Pakistani cuisine consisting of deep fried balls of onions. The onion bhaji is made in palm oil or ghee and is traditional dough called roti.

26. Onion Kulcha or Onion Bread

It’s a typical Indian bread made up of wheat flour and onions.

27. Oondees

Indeed is a tasty Indian cuisine made up of semolina or spherical shaped rice.

28. Osumashi

It’s a delicious Japanese food made up of varieties of seafood and dashi.

29. Oritang

It’s a stew or also called as Korean soup made with varieties of vegetables and slowly simmering duck. Actually ‘ori’ means duck and tang is another name for guk in Korean language.

30. Osmanthus Cake

It’s a classic Chinese cake made up of pure honey, glutinous rice flour, sweet osmanthus and also rock sugar.

31. Ossobuco

It’s a Milanese cuisine that consists of braised veal shanks that are made with fresh vegetable-based sauce and a little bit of wine. This dish is garnished with gremolata & is served with polenta.

32. Ostriche arrosto

This cuisine is an exotic recipe that consists of oysters boiled with oregano, parsley, bread crumbs, olive oil, garlic & lemon juice. The method of grilling this dish is important as it adds an extra flavor to this cuisine.

33. Oxtail

This dish is a variety of gelatin-rich meat that actually comes from the tail of cattle. This special cuisine takes lots of time to be prepared and is eaten as a stew or braised. An oxtail typically weighs about 7 to 8 pounds, and is skinned and then cut into short lengths.

34. Oxtail Soup

It’s a Chinese soup made up of fresh vegetables, beef tails & aromatic spices.

35. Oxtail with Broad Beans

It’s a Jamaican stew made up of ginger, garlic, chilli peppers, chopped octal, onions, cornstarch, water & seasonings.           

36. Oyakodon

This cuisine is a mixture of chicken and egg. The inclusion of salmon and salmon roe in this food makes the dish even more flavorful.

37. Oyster Omelette

It’s a Chinese cuisine made up of savory omelette mixed with small oysters.

38. Oyster Sauce

It’s a deep brown condiment made up of oyster extracts.

Fruits That Start With O

Fruits are full of essential vitamins; some fruits are sour, and some are sweet in taste. So, if you’re looking for the popular fruits that start with letter O, then you’re at the right place.

39. Ogeechee Limes Fruit

The mature fruit, also known as Ogeechee lime, has an amazing subacid flavor. It is prepared into preserves & can also be used as a substitute for lime juice.

40. Oil Palm Fruit

Oil palm fruit is a special type of edible vegetable oil that actually comes from the fruit of oil palm trees. Two types of oil can be easily extracted from the palm fruit; one is the crude palm oil which comes from squeezing the fleshy fruit, & palm kernel oil which comes from crushing the kernel.

41. Olallieberry Fruit

This fruit is a cross between a blackberry, a loganberry & a youngberry; with the loganberries and youngberries having been cross-pollinated with raspberries. This is a fruit which is not easily available.

42. Orangelo Fruit

This fruit that starts with letter O is a cross between a grapefruit & an orange, had spontaneously seen in the shade-providing trees grown and produced on coffee plantations in the Puerto Rican highlands region.

43. Oranges

Oranges are citrus fruits that we all eat in our daily lives. Oranges can be used to make juice or they can be mixed with other citrus fruits for adding more flavour.

44. Oregon Grapes

The Oregon grape is not related to true grapes, but gets its name from the purple clusters of edible berries whose color and slightly dusted appearance

45. Ortanique

The tangor is a citrus fruit hybrid of the mandarin orange and the sweet orange. The name “tangor” is a formation from the “tang” of tangerine and the “or” of “orange”. Also called the temple orange, its thick rind is easy to peel and its bright orange pulp is sour-sweet.

46. Ortanique

An oroblanco, oro blanco, Pomelit or sweetie is a sweet seedless citrus hybrid fruit similar to grapefruit. It is often referred to as oroblanco grapefruit.

Vegetables That Start With O

We all eat vegetables in our daily lives – they are one of the best ways to keep you healthy. Below are some of the popular veggies that begin with the letter O.

47. Ogonori

Ogonori also known as ogo or sea moss, is a kind of edible seaweed liked and is very famous along the coasts of Japan, Southeast Asia, some areas of Hawaii, & the Caribbean region.

48. Okra

Another special and unique vegetable is Okra. This mystery is still unsolved, whether Okra is a fruit or vegetable. The light green seed pods are prepared sliced, so making okra is extremely easy, & it can be cooked in several ways.

49. Olives

The olive is the tiny fruit having a sour tree, Olea europaea. You can easily get olives from any grocery store. 

50. Onion

First vegetable on the list that starts with O is onion. Onion is a key ingredient of any homemade cuisine. No dish is complete without the inclusion of onions.

51. Onion Powder

Onion powder is a seasoning prepared from the dehydrated ground onions. This potent-smelling spice is widely used in dry rubs & in marinades to get more concentrated onion flavor without the moisture.

Desserts That Start With O

Whether we know it or not, we all unknowingly eat sweet and treats that start with letter O in our day-to-day life.

52. Oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal cookies can be made with chocolate chips, nuts or raisins. They’re popular, easy to make and delicious.

53. Oats and Almond Cookies

These cookies are made up of almond flour, almond extract & sliced almonds. They are loved by the people of all ages. You can have them with milk or tea.

54. Oats Banana Walnut Cake

It’s a light, fluffy and sponge walnut cake. The oats banana walnut cake uses two round cake tins with a lovely fluffy texture and walnuts inside it.  

55. Oats Coconut Cookies

Oats and coconut cookies are crunchy on the outside & chew and soft on the inside and are quite similar to chocolate chip cookies.

56. Oats and Honey Cookies

These cookies are soft, chewy, filled with butter having fresh honey on the top. The ultimate way to enjoy the oats and honey cookies is fresh, warm from the oven with a glass of creamy whole milk.

57. Obleas

Oblea is a wafer dessert typical of Spain and Central and Latin American countries. It consists of two thin wafers sandwiching a sweet filling. Obleas are typically filled with dulce de leche, though they may also contain jam, cheese, fruits, whipped cream, or a combination of multiple fillings.

58. Orange Creamsicle

This snack consists of fresh vanilla ice cream that is on an ice lolly stick, with lots of iced orange juice coating the outside.

59. Orange Cake with Chocolate Icing

If you love chocolate-orange flavors, then orange cake with chocolate icing is definitely made for you. It is a delicious orange cake filled with fresh buttercream with chocolate icing on the top.

60. Orange Custard with Fruits and Vegetables

It is a rich creamy custard with a splash of sunshiny citrus flavors. The orange custard with fruits and vegetables is made up of fresh citrus fruits, cream and vegetables.

Drinks That Start With O

There are varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that start with O. Some of the popular drinks that begin with letter O are listed below.

61. Oats and Fruits Smoothie

It’s a quick, healthy and tasty drink made up of fresh nuts, fruits, milk and oats. When you need something quick to recharge your energy, then oats and fruits smoothie is surely for you.

62. Oats Dates Almond Milkshake

When it comes to milkshakes, then oats dates almond milkshake is one of the healthiest drinks that you should try once in your life. This shake is full fresh oats, dates and almonds served with cream on the top.

63. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a popular traditional Chinese and Taiwanese tea. It’s prepared from the green leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant which is used to make green tea & black tea. 

64. Orange Soft Drink

Orange soft drinks (also known as orange pop or orange soda in certain areas of the United States & Canada, called orangeade in the UK. This drink is easily available at any roadside restaurant.

65. Orange Blossom Martini

The best thing about orange blossom martini is that sweet vermouth takes some of the acidity out of the drink. To enjoy this even more you can eat nuts such as walnuts and pistachios.

66. Orange Sunsplash

It’s one of the best drinks that you can enjoy in summer. Orange sunsplash is extremely rich in vitamins and this drink also helps you boost your immune system.

67. Orchard Breeze

This drink is made up of green apple, white grapes and peach. Orchard breeze contains zero sugar and has no artificial colors. This drink is very popular in many parts of Europe and some parts of the US as well.

68. Oat milk

Our first drink that begins with the letter O is popular oat milk. Oat milk is basically a plant milk derived from whole oat and it’s made by extracting the plant material with water.

69. Ocean Spray Monkey Drink

Another drink that starts with letter O is Ocean Spray Monkey drink. Ocean Spray Monkey Drink is a special cocktail made with banana liqueur, and fruit punch. 

70. Orujo – Grape Base Spirit

Orujo is a Spanish drink (a liquid drink obtained from the distillation of marc, remains left after pressing of the good-sized grapes) from northern regions of Spain.

71. Ochazuke

It’s a hot green tea made up of white rice and ingredients like umeboshi and tsukemono.

72. Ookali

It’s a hot beverage made up of simply boiling coriander seeds. This drink belongs to India and is famous in several parts of the West Indies.

Breakfast Foods That Start With O

Breakfast is considered as the most vital meal of the day. Breakfast keeps you fit and healthy for the whole day. A healthy breakfast reduces the risk of starving as well as cravings & overeating later in the day. Below are some breakfast foods that start with the letter O.  

73. Oatmeal

Our first breakfast that starts with O is oatmeal. Oatmeal is a special kind of coarse flour made of hulled oat grains (also called groats) that have either been milled (ground) or been carefully steel-cut. By eating oatmeal you will be fresh and energetic for the whole day.

74. Omelette

Omelet is a traditional breakfast prepared from beaten eggs, fried with some sort of butter or oil in a small frying pan (without stirring as in scrambled egg). It’s a dish we all eat at our homes. Whether we’re going to the office or we’re going for a morning walk, an omelette with vegetables is a must.

75. Ontbijtkoek

An ontbijtkoek (also called as breakfast cake) or known as peperkoek (pepper cake) is a Dutch & Flemish spiced cake. Rye is its most important food ingredient in this cake.

76. Ox-tongue pastry

is a Chinese pastry that is quite popular in the south China region especially in the provinces of Guangdong & Fujian. It is a fried dough cuisine that is elliptical in shape & resembles an ox tongue or a horse ear.

77. Ontbijtkoek 

A Dutch and Flemish spiced cake. Rye is its most important ingredient, coloring the cake light brown. It is often spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg.

78. Orange Juice

Orange juice is a liquid extract of the orange fruit, produced by squeezing oranges.

79. Ox-tongue Pastry 

Ox-tongue pastry (a.k.a. Chinese Doughnut) is a Chinese pastry that is popular in south China in the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian. It is a fried dough food that is elliptical in shape and resembles an ox tongue or a horse ear. It is made in a similar way as Youtiao, however, sugar is added to the flour.

80. Oysters Rockefeller

The dish appears as a popular restaurant appetizer throughout the United States and is served as a brunch item in the South. It consists of oysters on the half-shell that have been topped with a rich sauce of butter, parsley and other green herbs, and bread crumbs, then baked or broiled. Lemon wedges are the typical garnish. 

Cheeses That Start With O

Cheeses are seen everywhere, whether you eat burger, eat pizza or eat pasta, you will see plenty of cheese. But did you know about the cheeses that start with the letter O. Well, we have created the list of cheeses that start with O.

81. Oaxaca Cheese

Oaxaca cheese, also called quesillo, is a white, semi hard cheese that is quite popular in Mexico and is available in every Mexican restaurant.

82. Old Amsterdam Cheese

Old Amsterdam is a top-quality aged gouda cheese made from pure cow’s milk. This cheese has a firm texture, deep color, & is extremely smooth, rich and has robust flavor.

83. Old Rotterdam Cheese

Old Rotterdam is another cheese that starts with O. Old Rotterdam has great taste. It can easily last for 12 months and be released until the cheese has character & is matured to perfection.

84. Oak Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Oak Smoked Cheddar is an award winning, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese produced by J.O.D. Foods, Effin, Kilmallock, Ireland under the brand name “Old Irish Creamery”.  This handcrafted cheese is naturally smoked using Irish oak generate subtle, smoked flavor along with firm and smooth texture.

85. Oak Smoked Wensleydale Cheese

Oak Smoked Wensleydale is naturally smoked for 18 hours using oak chips at the Wensleydale Creamery dairy to generate a subtle, smoked flavour along with a firmer and stronger texture. The cheese is a variant of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale as it maintains the same characteristics while adopting an attractive golden beech color.

86. Oasis Cheese

Oasis is a hand-made cheese made from fresh goat milk, made by BoatShed Cheese based in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Australia. A wonderful looking cheese is coated with chives, garlic and sun-roasted, dried capsicum. This lactic set cheese with a fluffy interior has very light and fresh flavor.

87. Oaxaca Cheese

One of the artisanal cheeses, Oaxaca has savory mellow buttery flavor and is a great melting cheese. The little salty and mild flavor make it is one of the most popular cheeses for preparing quesadillas. In addition, Oaxaca is an excellent stuffing cheese in baking recipes. In both texture and flavor, it can be compared to a young Monterey Jack cheese.

88. Ocooch Mountain Cheese

Ocooch Mountain is a mountain-style, raw milk cheese, named after the Ocooch Mountains, a place name for the Western Upland area of Wisconsin. It is aged for 3-4 months, during which it is regular washed to develop a dense, nutty, slightly grainy cheese with a natural rind. The cheese is a bit like Parmesan but made with sheep’s milk.

89. Odysseus Marinated Feta Cheese

90. Off Kilter Cheese

91. Ogleshield Cheese

92. Okanagan Double Cream Camembert Cheese

93. Old Burford Cheese

94. Old Drovers Road Cheese

95. Olde York Cheese

96. Old Ford Cheese

97. Old Goat Cheese

98. Old Harry Cheese

99. Old Kentucky Tomme Cheese

100. Old Winchester Cheese

101. Olivet au Foin Cheese

102. Olivet Bleu Cheese

103. Olivet Cendre Cheese

104. Olomoucké Tvarůžky Cheese

105. Oltermanni Cheese

106. Oma Cheese

107. Onion & Chives Cheddar Cheese

108. Operetta Cheese

109. Opus 42 Cheese

110. Oregon Blue Cheese Cheese

111. Oregonzola Cheese

112. Organic Beer-Brined Moochego Cheese

113. Organic Carrot Cheese

114. Organic Cheddar Cheese

115. Organic Chili Cheese

116. Organic Creamy Emmenthal Cheese

117. Organic Elderflower Cheese

118. Organic Farm Cheese

119. Organic Feta Cheese

120. Organic Fitness Cheese

121. Organic Flower Meadow Cheese

122. Organic Gouda Cheese

123. Organic Mango Cheese

124. Organic MooVache Cheese

125. Organic Mountain Cheese

126. Organic Mountain Climber Cheese

127. Organic Pepper Cheese

128. Organic Walnut Cheese

129. Organic Wild Garlic Cheese

130. Original Havarti Cheese

131. Original Illertaler Cheese

132. Orkney Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese

133. Orkney Mature Cheddar Cheese

134. Orkney Medium Coloured Cheddar Cheese

135. Orla Cheese

136. Oro Italiano Cheese

137. Oschtjepka Cheese

138. Oscypek Cheese

139. Ossau-Iraty Cheese

140. Oxford Blue Cheese