100+ Junk Foods That Start With A to Z

by Gina Elizabeth | Last Updated: June 12, 2021

I went on an exhaustive journey to find junk foods that start with the letters A-Z. This list of junk food snacks includes sweet, salty, and fatty snacks you might be learning about for the very first time.

These sweets and savory treats are going to delight your taste buds and help you discover junk foods that begin with the letters A to Z.

Junk Foods That Start With A

What are some junk foods that start with the letter A?

  1. A&W Root Beer Float – A scoop of ice cream combined with a A&W Root Beer has a creamy, mellow, vanilla flavor that is not too sweet
  2. Almond Joy Chocolate Bar – A chocolate candy bar made with whole almonds and sweetened, shredded coconut covered in milk chocolate
  3. Arby’s Fast Food Sandwich – Arby’s is an American fast food sandwich restaurant famous for slow roasted roast beef, turkey, and premium Angus beef sandwiches
  4. Angel Food Cake A spongy cake made with egg whites, flour, and sugar. A whipping agent, such as cream of tartar, is commonly added. It doesn’t use butter like other cakes. Its aerated texture comes from whipped egg white
  5. Airheads Candy – A taffy candy, their texture and taste can be described as “tangy” and “chewy”
  6. Animal Crackers Sweet crackers in the shape of animals
  7. Apple Pie – A pastry made from cooked apples inside a pie crust
  8. Applehead Candy – A twist on Lemonhead Candies–delivering a powerful, apple punch. With a sugar shell coating and hard candy center
  9. American Cheese – A processed cheese that melts easily. Often served on cheeseburgers
  10. Arrowroot Cookies – Cookies made with flour processed from the arrowroot plant
  11. Atomic Fireball – A super-intense cinnamon candy
  12. Amandine – A Romanian chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate or almond cream
  13. Americano – A coffee drink consisting of espresso and hot water
  14. Apple Cake – A tender and buttery rum cake with various spices like nutmeg or cinnamon that give it a unique flavor
  15. Ambrosia – A fruit salad that includes miniature marshmallows, heavy cream and coconut
  16. Abba-Zaba Candy Bar – A taffy candy bar with peanut butter center, 
  17. Almond Cookies – A cookie made of almond flour, almond extract, and sliced almonds
  18. Antipasto – Cured meats and olives served as the first course of an Italian meal
  19. After Eight Dinner Mints – A candy brand of mint chocolate covered sugar confectionery
  20. Applesauce Sweetened sauce made from apples and sugar
  21. Agave Syrup – A natural sweetener sometimes used in place of cane sugar or corn syrup
  22. Aldama Mini Oblea – A sweet, delicate mini rounded Mexican candy made with fresh goat’s milk
  23. Andagi – A sweet donut from Okinawa, Japan
  24. Andes Mints mall rectangular candies consisting of one mint-green layer sandwiched in between two chocolate flavored layers
  25. Apas – Sugary cookies from the Philippines
  26. Aero Chocolate Bar – An aerated chocolate bar manufactured by Nestlé
  27. Anmitsu – Japanese dessert that contains agar jelly, fruit juice and bean paste
  28. Altoids – A brand of candy mints, sold primarily in distinctive metal tins
  29. Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich – A freeze-dried crumble of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream snack food
  30. Astro Pops – Rocket-shaped lollipops, are reputed to be the longest lasting lollipop on earth
  31. Arany Galuska A traditional Hungarian dessert consisting of balls of yeast dough rolled in melted butter, and then rolled in a mixture of sugar and crushed nuts, assembled into layers, before being baked till golden
  32. Ayds Candy – A discontinued appetite-suppressant candy
  33. Allerheiligenstriezel – A braided yeast pastry. It consists of flour, eggs, yeast, shortening or butter, raisins, milk, salt, and decorating sugar or poppy seeds
  34. Allsorts Candy – Soft and chewy, with the flavors of licorice, coconut, aniseed, and fruit, Gustaf’s liquorice Allsorts are a mix of high-quality licorice
  35. Almond Roca Confections – A brand of chocolate-covered, almond butter crunch, hard toffee with a coating of ground almonds. It is similar to chocolate-covered English toffee 
  36. Amarula Chocolate Bar – Swiss milk chocolate, 37% cocoa, filled with Amarula Liquor, which is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It is made with the fruit of the African Marula tree, which is also locally called the Elephant Tree or the Marriage Tree
  37. Apfelkuchen – Apple cake made in Germany
  38. Angelitos Marshmallows – Tiny pink or blue puffs of sweet, chewy rice crispy squares
  39. Amygdalopita – A Greek nut cake made with almonds and cream
  40. Asida – A doughy dessert from North Africa that is served with butter or honey
  41. Allahabadi cake – A traditional Indian rum fruit cake eaten at Christmas
  42. Apple Fritter – A luscious deep fried donut filled with apple
  43. Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels
  44. Angel Food Cake

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Junk Foods That Start With B

What are some junk foods that start with the letter B?

  1. Big Mac – A hamburger sold by McDonald’s
  2. Bologna – A deli meat derived from mortadella, a finely ground pork sausage containing cubes of pork fat
  3. Bacon – Salt-cured pork made from various cuts, typically from the pork belly or from the less fatty back cuts
  4. Butterfinger Chocolate Bar – A candy bar consisting of a layered crispy peanut butter core covered in chocolate
  5. Burgers – A meat pattie sandwich
  6. Bagel – A bread product similar in shape and size to a donut
  7. Blondies – A super chewy, sweet brownies but without the chocolate
  8. Bialy – A small bread roll
  9. Barq’s Root Beer –  A brand of root beer notable for having caffeine
  10. Biscuits – A hard, flat and unleavened flour-based baked food product. They are usually sweet and may be made with sugar, chocolate, icing, jam, ginger or cinnamon
  11. Baked Alaska – A sponge cake with an ice cream layer, it’s covered completely in meringue, which is either baked or torched to brown
  12. Black Forest Cake – A chocolate sponge cake layered with whipped cream and red cherry filling
  13. Bleached White Flour Bread – White bread is bleached by the use of chemicals such as potassium bromate, azodicarbonamide, or chlorine dioxide gas
  14. Boxed Cake Mix – A convenient cake in a box easier than baking it from scratch. Many cake mixes are loaded with sugar, questionable chemicals, and sometimes even hidden trans fats
  15. Baked Goods – Foods made from dough or batter and cooked by baking, a method of cooking food that uses prolonged dry heat, normally in an oven
  16. Bit o Honey – Sticky, tasty candy consisting of six pieces wrapped in waxed paper and then packaged in a cover wrapper
  17. Baskin-Robbins – American multinational chain of ice cream and cake specialty shop restaurants
  18. Bubble Tea – A Taiwanese tea-based beverage containing sweet, chewy tapioca ball
  19. Bojangles – An American regional chain of fast food restaurants that specializes in cajun-seasoned fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits that primarily serves the Southeastern United States
  20. Baby Ruth Chocolate Candy Bar – An American candy bar made of peanuts, caramel, and milk chocolate-flavored nougat, covered in compound chocolate
  21. Banana Bread – A cake that looks like a loaf
  22. Bar One Candy Bar – A popular chocolate bar invented and manufactured in South Africa by Nestlé and sold in South Africa and India
  23. Banana Split – An ice cream dessert made with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream sandwiched between two banana halves — it’s drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup, sprinkled with nuts, and topped with whipped cream and cherries
  24. Bazooka Bubble Gum – An American brand of bubble gum that was introduced in 1947
  25. Banoffee Pie – A dessert that’s a combination of ripe bananas, toffee, and a cookie crust
  26. Big League Chew Bubble Gum –  brand of bubble gum that is shredded and packaged in an aluminum foil pouch similar to chewing tobacco
  27. Blow Pops – Lollipop with chewing gum in the center
  28. Bavarian Cream – A custard made with milk thickened with egg yolks, or gelatin with whipped cream, used as a filling to donuts, cream puffs, and eclairs
  29. Boost Chocolate Bar – A brand of chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury 
  30. Bingsu – A Korean dessert made of finely shaved ice as its base, and is then loaded with fruits, syrups, and nuts
  31. Bottle Caps Candy – Sweet tablet candies made to look like metal soda bottle caps in grape, cola, orange, root beer, and cherry flavors
  32. Biscotti – A crispy cookies that’s perfect for dunking
  33. Bounty Candy Bar – A chocolate bar consisting of a coconut flavored filling coated with milk or dark chocolate
  34. Boston Cream Pie – A dessert made with yellow butter cake, custard cream, and chocolate glaze
  35. Butterfinger Chocolate Candy Bar – A candy bar made of a layered crispy peanut butter core covered in chocolate
  36. Big Red Chewing Gum – A cinnamon flavored chewing gum
  37. Bonkers Fruit Chews – Chewable rectangular-shaped candies with tangy filling. The candy came in flavors including grape, orange, strawberry, watermelon and chocolate
  38. Butter Pecan Ice Cream – A popular butter flavored vanilla ice cream with roasted pecans
  39. Bubble Yum Chewing Gum – The classic Bubble Gum flavor lasts a long time, giving you more time to chew and create bigger bubbles
  40. Butter Cake – A basic cake made with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and leavening agents such as baking powder or baking soda
  41. Baklava – A layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey
  42. Bear Claw – A sweet, yeast-raised pastry, a type of Danish
  43. Biscotti – An Italian almond cookie
  44. Butterscotch – A confectionery made of brown sugar, butter, cream, vanilla, and salt
  45. Bundt Cake – A cake that is baked in a Bundt pan, shaping it into a distinctive doughnut shape
  46. Bottle Caps – Bottle Caps are sweet tablet candies made to look like metal soda bottle caps in grape, cola, orange, root beer, and cherry flavors
  47. Bugles Corn Chips
  48. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Junk Foods That Start With C

What are some junk foods that start with the letter C?

  1. Cheeseburgers – a hamburger topped with cheese, traditionally a slice of American cheese is placed on top of the meat patty
  2. Cake – A sweet dessert food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, that is usually baked
  3. Candy – A confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient
  4. Cookies – A baked or cooked food that is typically small, flat and sweet – it usually contains flour, sugar, egg, and some type of oil, fat, or butter, as well as other ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips, or nuts
  5. Cheez Whiz – A processed cheese sauce or spread
  6. Chicken Nuggets – A food product consisting of a small piece of deboned chicken meat that is breaded or battered, then deep-fried or baked
  7. Cotton Candy – A spun sugar confection that resembles cotton, it usually contains small amounts of flavoring or food coloring
  8. Cracker Jack – An American brand of snack food that consists of molasses-flavored, caramel-coated popcorn, and peanuts
  9. Cookie Dough – An un-cooked blend of cookie ingredients that can be baked or eaten raw
  10. Cheetos – A brand of corn puff snack 
  11. Coca-Cola – A carbonated and caffeinated soft drink
  12. Croissants – A buttery, flaky, pastry of Austrian origin – they are crescent shaped and made of a layered yeast-leavened dough
  13. Coffee Creamer – A concoctions of oil, sugar and thickeners added to coffee
  14. Carl’s Jr. – An American fast food restaurant chain
  15. Chick-Fil-A – One of the largest American fast food restaurant chains and the largest whose specialty is chicken sandwiches.
  16. Church’s Famous Fried Chicken – Church’s Chicken is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken
  17. Culver’s – A privately owned and operated American casual fast food restaurant chain that operates primarily in the Midwestern United States
  18. Cereal (Sugary) – A traditional breakfast food made from processed cereal grains
  19. Crush Soda – An orange flavored carbonated soft drink
  20. Cinnabon – An American chain of baked goods stores and kiosks
  21. Charleston Chew – A candy bar consisting of flavored nougat covered in chocolate flavor coating.
  22. Chef Boyardee Spaghetti & Meatballs – An American brand of canned pasta products
  23. Chips Ahoy! Cookies – Chocolate chip cookies
  24. Cool Whip – A brand of imitation whipped cream, referred to as a whipped topping
  25. Candy Cane – A cane-shaped stick candy often associated with Christmas — it is traditionally white with red stripes and flavored with peppermint
  26. Candy Corn – A type of small, triangular candy, typically divided into three sections of different colors, with a waxy texture and a flavor based on honey, sugar, butter, and vanilla
  27. Carvel Ice Cream – An American ice cream franchise best known for its soft-serve ice cream and ice cream cakes, which feature a layer of distinctive ‘crunchies’
  28. Clark Bar – A candy bar consisting of a crispy peanut butter/spun taffy core (​originally with a caramel center) and coated in milk chocolate
  29. Crunch Bar – a chocolate bar made of milk chocolate and crisped rice
  30. CurlyCutes – A delicious curly ribbon candy lollipop
  31. Coldstone Creamery – An American ice cream parlor chain
  32. Cinnamon Twists – Taco Bell dessert made of deep-fried, spiral-shaped wheat
  33. Coconut Cookies
  34. Carrot Cake
  35. Chocolate Pudding
  36. Cherry Pie
  37. Cobbler
  38. Churro
  39. Cheesecake
  40. Custard
  41. Caramel
  42. Cake Pops
  43. Confections
  44. Crackers
  45. Coconut Cream Pie
  46. Cupcakes
  47. Cool Whip
  48. Cape Cod Potato Chips
  49. Coffee Cake

Junk Foods That Start With D

What are some junk foods that start with the letter D?

  1. Donuts
  2. Doritos Nacho Chips
  3. Dr. Pepper Soft Drink
  4. Dove Chocolate Bar
  5. Deep Fried Foods
  6. Dots Gum Drops
  7. Del Taco – An American fast food restaurant chain which specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine as well as American foods such as burgers, fries, and shakes.
  8. Diet Mountain Dew
  9. Domino’s Pizza – An American multinational pizza restaurant chain
  10. Dum Dums Lollipops
  11. Diet Pepsi Soft Drink
  12. Dasani Bottled Water
  13. Dunkin Donuts – Also known as Dunkin’, is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company, as well as a quick service restaurant.
  14. Diet Inca Kola
  15. Doublemint Chewing Gum
  16. Dairy Queen – An American chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants
  17. Dubble Bubble – Chewing gum
  18. Dum Dums – Candy
  19. Dunkaroos Snacks
  20. Dad’s Root Beer
  21. Dentyne Chewing Gum
  22. Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda
  23. Danish
  24. Dulce de Leche
  25. Desserts
  26. Deep River Potato Chips
  27. Ding Dongs

Junk Foods That Start With E

What are some junk foods that start with the letter E?

  1. Eclairs – A French dessert is made with a custard, whipped cream, pastry cream, or ice cream filling and topped with either chocolate ganache, caramel, or powdered sugar
  2. Everlasting Gobstopper – A candy that changes colors and flavors when sucked on, and never gets smaller.
  3. Egg Nog – A Christmas drink made with egg yolks, whipped egg whites, cream, and sugar.
  4. Elephant Ears – A popular carnival snack in Canada made with deep-fried yeast dough sprinkled with powdered sugar
  5. E-Ma – A Japanese candy sweetened with Xylitol available in chewy, hard, gummy, jellybeans, caramels, and chewing gum
  6. Eclipse Chewing Gum – A sugar free gum
  7. Empanadas (Fruit Filled) – A baked or fried turnover with a sweet fruit filling.
  8. Energy Drinks – A beverage containing stimulant compounds, usually caffeine. It may be carbonated and contain sugar, other sweeteners, herbal extracts, taurine, and amino acids
  9. Eddy Edibles – CBD gummies with a soft and chewy texture and zesty flavor
  10. Elbow Macaroni – A pasta used to make macaroni and cheese.
  11. eFrutti – Fruit gummie candies
  12. Eiffel Bon Bons – A chewy, mildly tart treats made with strawberry or apple flavor
  13. El Bubble – Bubble gum cigars that come in multi-colored, fruity varieties
  14. Elmer – Premium chocolates
  15. Emerald – Chocolate candies
  16. Emily’s Chocolates – Quality chocolate treast
  17. Espeez Candy – Produces gourmet, nostalgic candies
  18. Extra Sour Chews Candy – Chewy sour fruit flavored candies
  19. Ensaimada – A Spanish sweet bread made with flour, mother dough, sugar, eggs, water, and pork lard
  20. Espresso – A concentrated Italian coffee that involves extremely hot water and ground coffee beans
  21. English Muffins – A popular breakfast white bread usually served with butter, jam, or honey
  22. Egg Rolls – A Chinese appetizer deep-fried, cylindrical savory roll that is traditionally filled with shredded cabbage, pork, and some other fillings
  23. Eggo Waffles – A frozen waffle prepared by heating in a toaster. Eggo waffles are covered with butter and syrup like pancakes
  24. Easter Eggs (Chocolate) – An egg shaped chocolate treat typically eaten on Easter
  25. Egg Tart – A Chinese dessert derived from English custard tart and Portuguese pastel de nata
  26. Entenmann’s Pound Cake
  27. Eccles Cake

Junk Foods That Start With F

What are some junk foods that start with the letter F?

  1. Frito’s Corn Chips
  2. French Fries
  3. Fish & Chips
  4. French Toast
  5. Fruit Juice
  6. Fresca Soft Drink
  7. Frosting
  8. Filet-O-Fish Sandwich
  9. Frozen Entrées
  10. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
  11. Fruit Gushers
  12. Frozen Yogurt
  13. Fruit-tella Candy
  14. Fudge
  15. Fun Dip Candy
  16. Famous Amos Cookies
  17. Fruit Chews
  18. Fruit Gushers
  19. Fun Dip
  20. Fruit Roll-Ups
  21. Funnel Cake
  22. Flan
  23. Fruit by the Foot
  24. Friendly’s Fast Food Restaurant
  25. Five Guys – An American fast casual restaurant chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries
  26. Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels 
  27. Frijj Milkshake
  28. Fortune cookie
  29. French Macaron
  30. Fruit Cake
  31. Fried Pickles
  32. Fig Newton Cookie
  33. Fruity Pebbles Cereal

Junk Foods That Start With G

What are some junk foods that start with the letter G?

  1. Goldfish Crackers
  2. Gingerbread Cookie
  3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  4. Gelato Ice Cream
  5. Godiva Chocolates
  6. Graham Crackers
  7. Ginger Cookies
  8. Gobstopper Candy
  9. Golden Oreo Truffles
  10. Grapefruit Tart
  11. Good & Plenty Candy bar
  12. Glazed Carrots
  13. Gumdrops Candy
  14. Guava Empanadas
  15. Gummy Bears
  16. Good Humor Ice Cream
  17. Genoa Cake
  18. Goobers Candy
  19. Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake
  20. Good And Plenty Candy
  21. Garlic Bread
  22. German Chocolate Cake
  23. Grape Soda
  24. Grasshopper Pie
  25. Groom’s Cake
  26. Girl Scout Cookies
  27. Gogo Big Squeez
  28. Glico Snack Pocky Chocolateo
  29. Gatorade Whey Protein Bars

Junk Foods That Start With H

What are some junk foods that start with the letter H?

  1. Hot Dogs
  2. Hot Pockets
  3. Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream
  4. Hash Browns
  5. Hot Chocolate
  6. Halo Top Ice Cream
  7. Hot Cakes
  8. Hershey’s Kisses
  9. Happy Meal (McDonald’s)
  10. Hi-Chew Candy Bar
  11. Hush Puppies
  12. Hard Sauce
  13. Hawaiian Wedding Cake
  14. Hot Cross Buns
  15. Halvah
  16. Honey Cake
  17. Hershey Chocolate Bar
  18. Huckleberry Pie
  19. Heluva Good! Dip
  20. Haupia
  21. Homemade cookies
  22. Hazelnut torte
  23. Hostess Twinkies
  24. Hot Fudge Sundae
  25. Hamantashen
  26. Hermits
  27. Hasty Pudding
  28. Huguenot Torte
  29. Haystacks
  30. Heavenly Pudding
  31. Honey Buns
  32. Humming Bird Cake
  33. Hot Tamales Candy bar
  34. Hubba Bubba Chewing Gum
  35. Hospitality Mints
  36. Hot Tamales Candy
  37. Hot Milk Cake
  38. Herr’s Potato Chips
  39. Honey BBQ Chips
  40. Hero Jerky Beef
  41. Hunt’s Snack Pack Gelatin

Junk Foods That Start With I

What are some junk foods that start with the letter I?

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Instant Oatmeal Packets
  3. Italian Ice
  4. In-n-Out Burger
  5. IBC Root Beer
  6. Ice Breakers
  7. ICEE
  8. Idaho Spud
  9. Inca Kola
  10. Ice Cream Cake
  11. Italian Biscotti
  12. Izze Drinks
  13. Irish Shortbread
  14. Ice Cream Sandwich

Junk Foods That Start With J

What are some junk foods that start with the letter J?

  1. Jelly Donuts
  2. Jell-O Gelatin
  3. Jawbreakers
  4. Jet-Puffed Marshmallows
  5. Jalapeno Poppers
  6. Jolly Ranchers
  7. Jelly Beans
  8. Jujube Candy
  9. Jam
  10. Jelly
  11. Junior Mints
  12. Jerky Snacks
  13. Junket
  14. Jell-O Pudding
  15. Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum
  16. Junior Caramels

Junk Foods That Start With K

What are some junk foods that start with the letter K?

  1. Klondike Bar
  2. KFC Fast Food Restaurant
  3. Kool-Aid
  4. Kit Kat Bar
  5. Key Lime Pie
  6. Kentucky Jam Cake
  7. Kahlua Coffee-Flavored Liqueur
  8. Kettle Brand Potato Chips
  9. Kix Cereal
  10. Keebler Townhouse Cookies
  11. Klik Chocolate Cookie Biscuit
  12. Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts
  13. KFC Fried Chicken
  14. Kind Nut Bar
  15. Knoppers Milk Hazelnut Wafers
  16. Krackel Chocolate Bar
  17. King Cake
  18. Kozy Shack Pudding Rice

Junk Foods That Start With L

What are some junk foods that start with the letter L?

  1. Lil Debbie Cream Pies 
  2. Lay’s Potato Chips
  3. Laffy Taffy
  4. Layer Cake
  5. Lady Fingers
  6. Lemonhead Candy
  7. Life Savers Candy
  8. Liquorice
  9. Lollipops
  10. Lemon tart
  11. Little Caesar’s Pizza
  12. Lorna Doone Cookies
  13. Lotus Cookies Biscoff
  14. Larabar 

Junk Foods That Start With M

What are some junk foods that start with the letter M?

  1. Mac & Cheese
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Marble Cake
  4. Muffins
  5. Milkshake
  6. Marzipan
  7. Maraschino Cherries
  8. Macaroon
  9. Mozzarella Sticks
  10. Monster Energy Drink
  11. Mountain Dew Soda
  12. Mello Yello Soda
  13. McDonald’s – Fast food restaurant
  14. M&M’s Candy
  15. Mounds Candy Bar with Coconut
  16. Mallo Cup – Candy bar
  17. Mars Bar
  18. Mentos Candy
  19. Mike and Ike Candy
  20. Milk Duds
  21. Milky Way Chocolate Bar
  22. Milton S. Hershey – Candy bar
  23. MoonPie – Candy bar
  24. Mr. Goodbar Candy Bar
  25. Mint Julep
  26. Mint Patties
  27. Moon Pie
  28. Munch Bar
  29. Milk Chocolate
  30. Margarine
  31. Motts Applesauce
  32. Microwave Popcorn

Junk Foods That Start With N

What are some junk foods that start with the letter N?

  1. Nachos
  2. Nutella
  3. Noodles
  4. Nougat
  5. Nilla Wafers
  6. Nestle Crunch Bar
  7. Necco Wafers
  8. Nerds Candy
  9. Nestlé Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
  10. Now & Later Candy
  11. Necco Wafers
  12. Nerds Candy
  13. Nut’n But Natural
  14. Nutri-Grain Cereal
  15. Nabisco Ritz Crackers 

Junk Foods That Start With O

What are some junk foods that start with the letter O?

  1. Oreos Cookies
  2. Onion Rings
  3. Oh Henry! Candy bar
  4. Orange Slices Candy
  5. 100 (One hundred thousand) Grand Chocolate Bar
  6. Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
  7. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  8. ONE Protein Bars
  9. Otap
  10. Ozark Pudding
  11. Oblaat
  12. Orange Jelly Candy
  13. Ontbijtkoek
  14. Opera Cake
  15. Oyster Crackers
  16. O Organic Rice Cake

Junk Foods That Start With P

What are some junk foods that start with the letter P?

  1. Pearled Barley
  2. Pizza
  3. Pretzels
  4. Pringles
  5. Pepsi Cola
  6. Pork Rinds
  7. Potato Chips
  8. Pound Cake
  9. Pop-Tarts
  10. Pancakes
  11. Popcorn (Movie)
  12. Panda Express Restaurant
  13. Panera Bread Restaurant
  14. Papa John’s Pizza
  15. Pizza Hut
  16. Popeyes Fast Food Restaurant
  17. Pizza Rolls
  18. Pecan Pie
  19. Pancake Syrup
  20. Pastries
  21. PayDay CandyBar
  22. Pepperidge Farm Cookies
  23. Peanut Chews
  24. Peeps Marshmallow Candy
  25. Pez Candy
  26. Picnic – Candy bar
  27. Pop Rocks Candy
  28. Push Pop Candy
  29. Perugina Soft Drink
  30. Popsicle
  31. Pistachio Pudding
  32. Pumpkin Pie
  33. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  34. Puff Pastry
  35. Parfait
  36. Pudding
  37. Peanut Brittle
  38. Polvorón
  39. Pepero Cookie Stick
  40. Panettone Fruit Cake
  41. Popchips Potato Chips
  42. Power Crunch Bar
  43. Pocky Chocolateo

Junk Foods That Start With Q

What are some junk foods that start with the letter Q?

  1. Quarter Pounder
  2. Quesadillas
  3. Quickie Strawberry Milk
  4. Quaker Chewy Dipps
  5. Quest Protein Bars
  6. Quiznos Fast Food Restaurant
  7. Qdoba Chicken Tacos
  8. Queijadinha Custard Tart
  9. Qurabiya Shortbread Biscuit
  10. Queen of Puddings
  11. Quindim
  12. Qottab
  13. Quesito
  14. Quisp Cereal

Junk Foods That Start With R

What are some junk foods that start with the letter R?

  1. Ruffles Potato Chips
  2. Russell Stover Chocolates
  3. Rxbar
  4. Ritz Crackers 
  5. Rold Gold Pretzels
  6. Rice Pudding
  7. Raisinets
  8. Reese’s Pieces
  9. RC Cola
  10. Rocky Road Ice Cream
  11. Riesen Dark Chocolate
  12. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  13. Rolo Candy
  14. Runts Candy
  15. Red Hots Candy
  16. Red Hots Candy
  17. Rice Krispies Treats
  18. RJ’s Licorice
  19. Roca Thins
  20. Razzles Candy
  21. Rice Crispies Cereal

Junk Foods That Start With S

What are some junk foods that start with the letter S?

  1. Snickers Bar
  2. Sausages
  3. S’mores
  4. Slim Jims Jerky Snacks
  5. Sour Patch Kids
  6. Sugary Cereal
  7. Sports Drinks
  8. Saltine Crackers
  9. Sundaes
  10. Shasta Soda
  11. Shakes
  12. Sprinkles
  13. 7 Up Soda
  14. Surge Soda
  15. Stewart’s Cherries ‘n Cream Soda
  16. Sonic Drive-in Restaurant
  17. Sprite Soda
  18. Shakes
  19. Sugar Babies Candy
  20. Subway Sandwich Shop
  21. Sierra Mist Soda
  22. Sun Chips
  23. Sherbet Ice Cream
  24. Skittles Candy
  25. Skor Bar
  26. Slurpee
  27. Slushie
  28. Smarties
  29. Starburst Candy
  30. Sugar Cookies
  31. Swedish Fish Candy
  32. SweeTarts Candy
  33. Symphony Chocolate Bar
  34. Skittles
  35. Skor
  36. Sky Bar
  37. Squiggly Pops
  38. Sunkist Soda
  39. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
  40. Snickerdoodles
  41. Sweet Potato Pie
  42. Strawberry Shortcake
  43. Strudel
  44. Soufflé
  45. Salt Water Taffy
  46. Sugar Plums
  47. Sabra Hummus
  48. Stella Doro Coffee Treats
  49. Sun Maid Raisins

Junk Foods That Start With T

What are some junk foods that start with the letter T?

  1. Twinkies
  2. Tacos
  3. Tostitos Corn Chips
  4. Tiramisu Cake
  5. Taffy
  6. Taco Bell Fast Food
  7. Top Ramen Instant Noodles
  8. Tater Tots
  9. Twix
  10. Tostino’s Pizza Rolls
  11. Tic Tacs
  12. Toblerone Dark chocolate
  13. Toffee Candy
  14. Takis Corn Chips
  15. Tootsie Roll
  16. Trident Chewing Gum
  17. Twizzlers
  18. Toblerone Chocolate
  19. Tab Soda
  20. Tapioca Pudding
  21. Tart
  22. Turnover
  23. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
  24. Thin Mints
  25. Truffles (Chocolate)
  26. Three Kings Cake
  27. Terra Sweet Potato Chips
  28. Tortilla Chips
  29. Tastykake Mini Donuts
  30. Triscuit Crackers
  31. Tostitos Salsa Dip
  32. Teddy Graham Cookies
  33. Tate’s Cookies
  34. Trix Cereal

Junk Foods That Start With U

What are some junk foods that start with the letter U?

  1. Utz Potato Chips
  2. Unos Pizza
  3. Upside-down Cake
  4. Unglazed Donuts
  5. U-No Bar
  6. Utah Scones
  7. Uncured Hot Dogs
  8. Ukranian Rolls
  9. U-Frites French Fried Chips
  10. Unique Pretzels
  11. U-Luv Cookies
  12. Uncle Wally’s Muffins
  13. Umble Pie

Junk Foods That Start With V

What are some junk foods that start with the letter V?

  1. Velveeta Cheese
  2. Vero
  3. Vegie Stix Snacks 
  4. Vanilla Frosty Frozen Dessert (Wendy’s)
  5. Very Special Chocolates
  6. Vidal Candies
  7. Vienna
  8. Violet Crumble
  9. Voortman Bakery Wafers
  10. Vanilla Ice Cream

Junk Foods That Start With W

What are some junk foods that start with the letter W?

  1. Whopper Hamburger
  2. Waffles
  3. Wafers
  4. White Sugar
  5. Whoopie Pie
  6. Wise Potato Chips
  7. Warheads Candy
  8. Whatchamacallit Chocolate Bar
  9. White Pasta
  10. Wonka Bar
  11. Wacky Wafers
  12. Wrigley’s Chewing Gum
  13. White Castle Fast Food Restaurant
  14. Werther’s Original Hard Candy
  15. Wasabi Chips (Doritos)
  16. Wonut
  17. Waffle Crisp Cereal
  18. Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant

Junk Foods That Start With X

What are some junk foods that start with the letter X?

  1. Xurros – The Spanish spelling for churros, these fried dough treats originate from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine
  2. Xtra Care Gum – Candy
  3. Xingren donfu – A popular dessert in China and Beijing consists of almond or kernel milk, agar or gelatin, and sweetened with sugar
  4. Xtremes – Candy
  5. X-mas Cake
  6. Xigua Popsicles – An African watermelon, xigua can be cut up and made into popsicles by freezing it or just eaten
  7. Xylocarp Cupcakes
  8. Xi Gua Lao – A traditional dish in Beijing that consists of watermelon, chopped cherries, agar, sugar, and vanilla powder.
  9. Xocolatl – Aztec chocolate
  10. X-mas Cookies
  11. Xôi dừa là – A Vietnamese dessert belonging to the group of xôi dishes that are made with a base of sticky rice.

Junk Foods That Start With Y

What are some junk foods that start with the letter Y?

  1. York Peppermint Pattie
  2. Yodels
  3. Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink
  4. Yogurt Cake
  5. Yule Log
  6. Yam Pudding
  7. Yorkie Chocolate Bar
  8. YumEarth Organic Candy
  9. Youtiao
  10. Yurla
  11. Yogurt Covered Raisins 

Junk Foods That Start With Z

What are some junk foods that start with the letter Z?

  1. ZERO Candy Bar
  2. Zingers Hostess Cakes
  3. Zucchini Bread
  4. Zeppole
  5. Zesty Ranch 3D’s Doritos
  6. Zevia Soda
  7. Zimtsterne
  8. Zwieback
  9. Zabaione
  10. Zaxby’s Chicken Wings
  11. Zingy Zaps Candy
  12. Zapp’s Chips
  13. Zuccotto Ice Cream
  14. Zours Candy
  15. Zwetschkenknödel
  16. Zotz Fizzy Candy
  17. Zebra Cakes
  18. Zagnut Candy Bar
  19. Zserbó
  20. Zaza Candy
  21. Zesty Taco Rollitos
  22. Zollipops
  23. Zaotang Candy
  24. Zeeuwse Bolus
  25. Žemlovka
  26. Zefir
  27. Zbar Brownie
  28. ZonePerfect Nutrition Bar
  29. Zany Fruits Cereal

Junkfood FAQs

What is Junk Food?

Any food that has poor nutritional value is considered unhealthy and may be called a junk food. A food that is high in fat, salt, and sugar may also be considered junk food. Fast food may also be junk food.

The Roundup

Which ones on this junk food list are your favorite? Have you tried any of these before, or are you looking to explore all of them as a total newbie? Want them all? Go for it!

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